I need to figure this out [motivational speech]

I’ve observed people who who can surmount any obstacle, fix any problem, or win any prize.

Figure it Out by Bryan Harris.

Whereas, I’ve long felt that I’ve tried many things on which I never succeeded.

I’ve seen others seemly succeed with anything they touch, any goal they embark on, any task they do.

Whereas, I feel like I’ve often stopped short because I couldn’t figure out one challenge along the way.

Others weren’t content with mediocre. They soared passed that bar and shined, as others watched with admiration.

I cruised along with good enough, never achieving the pinnacle of my desire, the entirety of my plan, of the fullness of of my dream.

And I don’t want to do that anymore. I want to achieve my goals. I want to see my dreams come to fruition. I want the pride of accomplishment and showing others that I finished what I started.

I saw an email from Bryan Harris and VideoFruit blog. Most of the time I don’t open his. I mean sometimes I do—they always have great information, but I don’t always need what he has for me at that moment.

It was just a 3-minute video, so I figured I could spare that much time over morning cereal.

This video “Figure it Out” is what I need right now. What I need often.

I’ll save this to remind me of it in the future.


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