A few years from now, what will you tell yourself?

I recently signed up for the The ListServe.

Everyday, about 20,000 people get an email from another subscriber of The ListServe. They can write anything.

Today, I received an email from a lady who is shocked by the recent passing of her 40th birthday.

Now in the midst of her mid-life crisis, she has decided to stop looking back and wishing she had taken more chances, traveled more, dated more–and so much more!

Now she’s going to move to Mexico and teach english, go on more dates, and I guess just live life more fully and more intentionally.

I don’t often reply to the emails I get from the The ListServe. I replied to her.

Here’s what I wrote.


I’m nearing my 40-year crisis. I’m 38.

One thing I keep trying to remind myself:

Every so often in life, I look back at myself a few years earlier and think, “I could have done so much more back then, I thought I’d do so much more by now.”

In my younger self, I thought I needed more experience. I needed to be older. I needed to read one more book, or learn one more thing.

But you know what. A few years from now, I’ll think it again. And I’ll keep thinking it every few years until I die.

So the key is to just start doing those things now, before we look back and wish we did it. And then, years from now, we look back one last time and realize that we don’t have any more time left to do all those things we always wished we would have done.


What will you do today?
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