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Nathan Pierce: drinks beer, quit his job, planning to start a brewery

Photograph of Nathan Pierce at Goonies House, Astoria, Oregon, on June 27, 2013.

Nathan Pierce at Goonies House, Astoria, Oregon, on June 27, 2013.

Are you a fan of craft beer? Are you wondering what it’s like to try and start a brewery? Then you’re in the right spot.

I try to write about something in my life relating to my pursuit to start a brewery. Topics include: entrepreneurship, beer, leadership, and productivity.

I’m an open book, I don’t mind sharing my journey. So if you interested in seeing first-hand, the ups and downs, everything about starting a brewery, and some other ramblings about craft beer, then you’re in the right place.

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My story

Hi, I’m Nathan Pierce. I had a great job with good pay, fantastic benefits, and lots of vacation time. I was doing something I cared a lot about. I worked there for 7 years, but I had to move on.

Over the course of about a year, we had a complete change of management. Many of my coworkers were suddenly dreading coming to work—many who had been there for 20 years or more.

Maybe you can relate.

I really cared about the work I was doing. But still, it wasn’t my own. I’ve always had a yearning to make something. I want to help others, inspire others, and create something new in this world.

Meanwhile, my doctor told me to take time off due to stress. I was shocked when he put me on anti-depressants. It wasn’t good for me and that, in turn, wasn’t good for the people around me.

They say your job isn’t worth your health, so I put that theory into practice first-hand. It was a shock and it was also a relief.

The craft beer industry is such a great place. The people are so open and helpful. Besides the “craft beer renaissance” that’s happening in the U.S. and spreading across the world, craft beer is a really creative space.

I want to open a brewery. I know I’m not alone in this dream.

My dream is to open a regional package brewery. Rather than serving customers only at the physical location, I would feel more pride just walking down the grocery store aisle and seeing my product on the shelf. How awesome!

Only one problem: I’m not really qualified.

I’m taking a step back, making it more of a longer-term goal. In the meantime, I’m building my knowledge. I passed the Cicerone® Certified Beer Server exam. I’m learning what it takes to start a brewery by talking with others in the industry. And I’m sharing the whole journey here on this blog site… along with some other thoughts on the industry, entrepreneurship, and such.

Join me on the ride!

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