The different types of food service at a brewery

In the last post I postured a few reasons why every craft brewery should have some sort of food service. Breweries are destinations; we travel far to visit breweries. Patrons like to hear the stories behind the beers; we want to hang out and learn about the beer and the people who made it. We’re going to be there a while, so we’re going to get hungry. And food is an important part of building community, something almost every company wants nowadays. Here are the different options for a brewery to serve food alongside their beer.

Why every brewery should serve food

A couple posts ago I was envisioning what my brewery would be like. I mentioned some things about the on-site food service and it got me to thinking generally about food service at breweries. Here are some thoughts on the current state of the craft beer community and it’s relationship with food.

Simon Pearce Beer Glasses by Didriks on flickr

Simon Pearce Beer Glasses by Didriks on flickr (CC by 2.0)